Day 48: Change of plan

On Sunday night, we took part in a very nice cooking class run by a very friendly Indian lady who also runs a little homestay and lives very close to where we are staying. She taught us four different very interesting dishes, mostly vegetarian,not too spicy..! and it was a lovely atmosphere (very international..) in her own little kitchen at the back of the house. Afterwards, we all sat down to eat what we had cooked and we all liked it very much. Unfortunately, I was to be the unlucky one though: very soon afterwards I got terribly, terribly sick and was really ill throughout the following night. Since one of the dishes was with tuna, it is pretty obvious that it must have been food-poisoning. I could have known better, especially after we had seen big tankers passing through the bay close by, shedding dirty water into the sea and knowing from what we had read, that seafood should better be avoided in Asia. But because we had seen it being thoroughly boiled and having cooked it ourselves, we thought that it would be all right. Bad luck, own fault! Anyway, I am much better now, but it was impossible to leave for Delhi on our train journey yesterday, so we have now postponed it until 26.2. and will stay a week longer here in Kochin. This way, we will miss out on going to Chandigarh, which we had planned during our last week, but since it is also so lovely here in the south, we are not really disappointed at all. Although I must say that I am looking forward to escaping this tropical heat soon, which gets really suffocating at times, especially in the night and at midday. Best wishes to you all, Anne


One thought on “Day 48: Change of plan

  1. Hallo, liebe Anne, lieber Marco!
    Ein Glueck, es geht Dir besser!!! Wir sind hier in Bath Library und wuenschen euch von hier schoene, erholsame!!! Tage.
    Bis bald! Tausend liebe Gruesse, gute Besserung,
    Mama/Renate papa/Gerry

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