Day 43: Still enjoying Kochin

Here we are, still very much enjoying our stay in Kochin by the seaside! We are taking our time to relax and reflect a bit on our trip so far, realising that there are only two weeks left today until we fly back home. In the beginning, these two months seemed like a really long time, but then at some point, quite suddenly, time seemed to be flying. By now, we have got used to the culture of this incredible country a bit more and are able to judge things diffrently. We were quite amused yesterday, when we reminded ourselves how things had seemed to us on our arrival in Delhi.

Here in Kerala, the north of India seems like an altogether different world, which it is, in a way, with the subcontinent being such a big and diverse country-it will take us two whole days to travel by rail back to Delhi from here!

Yesterday, we watched a performance of a typical Keralan folk dance called “Kathakali”, where the actors or artists, to be more precise, are dressed in amazingly colourful and brightly ornamented costumes, have some stunning make-up (which takes about two hours to be completed before each show) and they perform not only with their body alone, but also with their faces and eyes. Each dance tells a different story and is told in a language only expressed through these body postures and expressions. There are musicians accompanying the dancers on mainly drums, but also rattles and chimes. It was very impressive and interesting!
(Quelle Wikipedia)

Today, we took a trip out to a wonderful beach called Cherrai beach for which we had to take a short boat trip out to the neighbouring island. It is a perfect beach for bathing, miles long with nothing but beautiful white sand.Although we didn’t swim, we spotted some dolphins and I collected some lovely little tropical shells as a souvenir..!


One thought on “Day 43: Still enjoying Kochin

  1. Our beautiful planet! – Why do so many of us contribute more to its destruction than to its preservation? What could make the tide turn???

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